Do I Need a Root Canal?
By Ron T. Williamson, DDS
January 15, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Root Canal  

If you care about your teeth, you’ll want to keep them all securely rooted in your mouth for as long as possible. A root canal can save your root canalsmile from the stress of losing a tooth. It will help you avoid the trouble and expense of having to choose a tooth replacement option. It also allows you to avoid unnecessary discomfort when chewing, talking, and smiling around other people. Find out if your case calls for root canal therapy, a treatment offered by Dr. Ron Williamson in Berkley, MI.

What Is a Root Canal?
Inside of each tooth is a series of canals that contain nerves and sensitive tissue. When that tissue becomes infected by tooth decay it must be cleaned through a procedure called root canal therapy. Your dentist enters the affected tooth and removes the diseased matter so that the infection will stop growing and you can keep your tooth.

Do You Need One?
The only way to tell for sure that you need a root canal is to have your Berkley dentist take X-rays. But there are a few early signs that this procedure may be right for you:

- You’re experiencing intense tooth pain that doesn’t go away.
- A tooth has suddenly become very sensitive to hot or cold.
- You see black spots or marks on the tooth.
- The tooth has darkened in color.

The Root Canal Procedure
Many people cringe at the thought of a root canal, but after you are sedated there is nothing to be afraid of. You will finally get relief from the pain you’ve been experiencing after the procedure is done. Once the diseased tissue is completely removed and the tooth has been disinfected, the tooth will be refilled with a protective substance and then covered with a permanent crown. This treatment can usually be completed in one appointment.

Repair Your Tooth
It’s possible to restore health to a decayed tooth and keep your smile intact for a lifetime when you have a root canal. Call (248) 399-4455 today to schedule your next dentist appointment with Dr. Williamson at his office in Berkley, MI.