How Veneers Could Improve Your Smile
By Ron T. Williamson, DDS
July 21, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Veneers  

It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted, and dental veneers can help.

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you wish your teeth were more symmetrical or that your smile was whiter? If you are imagining what your dream smile would look like chances are fairly good that our Berkley, MI, dentist Dr. Ron Williamson can help you achieve that with dental veneers.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are mega-thin shells made from porcelain that are designed to look like tooth enamel. These enamel-like layers are bonded to the front of each tooth to enhance your smile while also hiding common imperfections that may be holding you back from having the smile you’ve always wanted.

The porcelain used to make your dental veneers here in Berkley, MI, is translucent, so it reflects light just like real tooth enamel. We will also help you choose the shade of porcelain you want to use for your veneers to help you achieve a radiant but natural smile.

What issues can dental veneers treat?

Veneers are a type of cosmetic treatment so it’s important to know that while they won’t be able to actually close gaps between teeth or restore teeth, these imperfections can be hidden from plain sight to give you a more attractive smile. You may want to consider getting dental veneers if you are looking to address these cosmetic issues,

  • Discolorations and widespread dental stains
  • Malformed or oddly shaped teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Chips and cracks
  • Worn teeth or teeth that are too short
  • Crowding
  • Slightly crooked or misaligned teeth

Since veneers cover the entire front surface of your teeth, these pearly white restorations can easily change the shape, size and color of one or more teeth. If you’re an adult who has always wanted to get a straighter smile but doesn’t want to wear braces, then veneers may be able to give you the appearance of a straighter smile.

How long do dental veneers last?

How long your veneers last is truly up to how well you care for them. While veneers are made from porcelain, which is a highly durable material, it’s still important that you are careful of bad habits like nail biting or chewing ice, which can damage your veneers. As long as you avoid these bad habits and continue to practice good oral hygiene, there’s no reason why your veneers shouldn’t last anywhere from 15-20 years.

Are you ready to get dental veneers here in Berkley, MI? If so, then let’s go ahead and find out if you are an ideal candidate. Call our office today at (248) 399-4455 and let us know that you are interested in talking with Dr. Williamson about dental veneers. We’d be happy to schedule your consultation.