How Can Veneers Help Me?
By Ron T. Williamson, DDS
October 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: Veneers   cosmetic dentistry  

When your smile has imperfections that can’t be fixed with dental tools, bonding, contouring, or orthodontic treatment, veneers may be veneersable to help. Veneers are a trusted cosmetic treatment that dentists often use to grant patients the perfect smiles they’ve always dreamed about. Find out more about this very common cosmetic offering, available in Berkley, MI from Dr. Ron Williamson.

Veneers Have You Covered
A veneer is any device that covers up a less attractive surface. In dental medicine, veneers are used to cover the front surfaces of the teeth that show when you smile. In many cases, between six to eight veneers are recommended for each row—it depends on your unique smile. They are translucent, lightweight, and hide everything from tooth discoloration to chips in the enamel. 

How Veneers Will Help Your Smile
Veneers give you a renewed confidence in the quality and appearance of your smile. They are custom colored to match your teeth and brighten up your face. When you love the way your smile looks, it encourages you to take better care of your teeth and dental hygiene. They will make you more apt to see your Berkley dentist for regular checkups. Veneers also provide a protective coating over your natural teeth so that they will be resistant to future damage.

The Veneer Placement Process
At your first appointment for veneers, a tiny amount of enamel is removed from each tooth, then impressions are made. Custom veneers will be created by a lab technician that will fit each tooth based on the impressions. When ready, the veneers will be securely bonded and contoured so that they look as natural as possible. The entire process usually takes a few weeks. It’s a very short treatment period compared to the many years you’ll have your new and improved smile.

Veneers Can Change Your Life
No matter what aesthetic challenges you are currently experiencing with your teeth, veneers can help. A restored smile can change your social, professional, and personal life significantly. Call 248-399-4455 today to schedule a time to visit Dr. Williamson at his Berkley, MI office.