Discover The Benefits Of Dentures
By Ron T. Williamson, DDS
January 18, 2019
Category: Dental
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Gaps in the teeth are more than just an aesthetic issue. In many cases, untreated missing teeth can eventually cause dental and medical issues. Luckily, your dentist can help you replace your missing teeth to avoid complications and feel great about your appearance with dentures. Find out more about dentures and what they can do for you with Dr. Ron Williamson in Berkley, MI.

Do I need dentures? 
If you are missing most or all of your teeth, a denture can replace them to restore your mouth’s bite and give you a full, natural-looking smile. A dental laboratory creates customized dentures for each patient, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit. The lab technicians use an impression — created by your dentist in their office — of your mouth on which to base their design.

Types of Dentures
There are two types of traditional dentures:

  • Full dentures: Full dentures replace all the teeth on an arch, allowing the patient to once again chew, eat, and speak normally. Most patients find full dentures to be a comfortable tooth replacement option since they are customized per patient. Full dentures require you to add some extra steps to your daily oral care routine, such as removing your dentures and placing them in denture solution to soak overnight and carefully scrubbing the dentures using a denture brush in addition to brushing your remaining teeth and oral tissues.
  • Partial dentures: Like a full denture, partial dentures replace your missing teeth. However, this type of denture is reserved for those who have some remaining healthy teeth in their mouth. The partial denture uses these healthy teeth to anchor into place. The teeth fit through the denture, which is color-matched to ensure that the natural teeth do not look out of place surrounded by the prosthetic teeth. Partial dentures keep the healthy teeth from shifting and help give them the stimulation they need to remain atrophy-free.

Dentures in Berkley, MI
If you think you can benefit from a denture, don’t hesitate to set up a consultation. For more information on dentures, please contact Dr. Ron Williamson in Berkley, MI. Call (248) 399-4455 today.